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2021.10.24 12:08 aloite_bot [Pori] SÄHKÖPOTKULAUDAT

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2021.10.24 12:08 tato_eater14 Poopy

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2021.10.24 12:08 BautiBon Which album has the best vocals in your opinion?

It's really difficult to choose one because since the beginning of their career they sounded amazing. I would choose Rubber Soul, but I mean, even Please Please Me album has excelent vocals.
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2021.10.24 12:08 saamuro It's there a good way to monitoring your farm when you are solo mining?

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2021.10.24 12:08 Gon_jalt Calls at the plate favored the Dodgers in every game of the NLCS

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2021.10.24 12:08 MrSpasybo Bitgame: Market Trends

Bitgame as a platform is the product of a deep understanding of the future of online entertainment. By combining the hottest emerging trends, Bitgame is well-positioned to be an innovative leader in this space.
● Blockchain
Leveraging the power of blockchain technology allows Bitgame to provide a frictionless, transparent, open, and secure platform. As the technology continues to expand in richness, so to will Bitgame expand in capability.
● Sports
With the global sports industry now worth over $1billion and growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.4%, leading platforms are scrambling to provide ample services to support the subsequently emerging sports betting industry. From the beginning, Bitgame has been committed to providing a great user experience for sports fans and will continue to become the betting platform of choice for many around the world.
● Community
Bitgame believes the Internet is becoming increasingly democratized and is intent on being a part of this change. Through sharing profits directly with ecosystem participants and allowing for open integration, Bitgame is actively encouraging users to take part in building the whole community and platform collectively.
● Play to earn
The hottest growing trend in online entertainment, BitGame is centered around entertainment and prizes. As this concept continues to expand, BitGame will be positioned perfectly to leverage the increased exposure from people around the world and allow them to take part in the platform’s profit-sharing and collective growth.
● NFTs ( Coming Soon )
Another red-hot trend in online entertainment, Bitgame has plans to support NFTs and is actively exploring ways in which to include the innovative technology on the platform. As play to win continues to develop, Bitgame will be working with leading players to expand betting into the future of gaming in the metaverse.
More details: https://www.bitgame.com/
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2021.10.24 12:08 swagNextTuber Tapper to Pelosi: Are you frustrated with Sinema and Manchin?

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2021.10.24 12:08 Jaekma Designing

I have a bad habit of never thinking my design is complete before printing … then when I print I usually have to tweak the design and reprint anyway.
Anyone else have this problem or am I overthinking it
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2021.10.24 12:08 elvino999 Possible earnings

What is the possible consistent earning within this game? Can i earn like 6-7$ per day on recommended 25 games per day? And in what league?
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2021.10.24 12:08 egg-heart fable, 2021

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2021.10.24 12:08 heyitseric 2022 All-Star manager question

With the Astros going to the World Series, Dusty Baker is set to manage the AL in the All-Star Game next year.
BUT! Dusty is in the last year of his contract after the Astros picked up his option for 2021. I strongly suspect he'll be back, but if he isn't for whatever reason, what would be the protocol? Does he still manage despite potentially being employed elsewhere? Does he return from possible retirement for one last moment in the spotlight? Has this situation arisen before?
Just a curiosity!
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2021.10.24 12:08 BelaBla Does instagram ever delete accounts that have been inactive for 5-10 years?

I already assume the answer is no, but I thought I would ask anyway. When I was 15 years old I made an account on Instagram with one of those 10-minute burner emails (not sure why - who knows what goes through 13 year-old minds) and I posted a load of cringey teen stuff before eventually I was kicked off the account because I could not verify email.
Obviously since it has been years and years, I can not remember the password now. But I would really like the account gone. It's so embarrassing and I do want to reduce my digital footprint as I move into working world.. There are people I know & am still in contact with who remain to follow it, but I do not want to bring up account to them and revive their memory to ask them to unfollow! Does that make sense? Lol.
I know there's no hope of contacting Instagram because I would need an awful amount of identification and proof that I do not have. I have been waiting around for years to see if they delete this account but am losing hope. I would really like it to go.
Any help please!
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2021.10.24 12:08 Any-Membership-6028 Recognizing Resolution Changes when Changing PBP Mode on Monitor

I have a Samsung CRG9 49" monitor I use with my Surface Pro 7. The monitor is typically in picture-by-picture mode with my personal and work computer.
When I switch the monitor from PBP to full screen mode, my Surface won't recognize the change. In fact, the 5120 X 1440 option doesn't even show in display settings.
The only way I've found to get it to recognize is to unplug the USB C to Display Port cable from the dock and then plug it back in. Does anyone know of a way to make the computer automatically recognize the difference?
Once it recognizes the full resolution I can go back into PBP mode and choose 2560 X 1440 without issue, I just can't go back the other way.
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2021.10.24 12:08 RahanAlc Marina working out

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2021.10.24 12:08 donthedon22 Finally got that Jersey axe, tnx yall

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2021.10.24 12:08 VeryConfusedOne Why do the NuGet download numbers seem so low?

I constantly come across packages that absolutely everyone is recommending, and then I search with NuGet and they have like 2 million downloads. How does this make any sense? How long has Visual Studio existed for?
EntityFramework baffles me. I would think this is in so many projects that the number would be in the billions. Nope, 140M. Or take SQLite - 2.34M downloads... how? System.Data.SQLite has 8.73M downloads. Microsoft.Data.Sqlite 24,8M. As far as I see it these should be in the hundreds of millions each. I'm probably at least 100 of those downloads alone. How can a total number only be that low, that's maybe 1-2 million users in total over god knows how many years. But then I see SQLitePCLRAW.core and it has 60.4M downloads. What?
Can someone please explain this to me? 90% of packages that seem like everyone would use them all the time seem completely dead when looking at the numbers. How can this be?
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2021.10.24 12:08 Natey2thicc This is my first gecko ivy, I was told she’s around six months old but I feel like she’s way to small to be six months old, help?

This is my first gecko ivy, I was told she’s around six months old but I feel like she’s way to small to be six months old, help? submitted by Natey2thicc to CrestedGecko [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 12:08 Sweaty-Pomegranate96 You all should message ALEXDURKI__ on Instagram! He gives the best Picks, Locks and Parlays, his just the best I have ever seen!

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2021.10.24 12:08 Intelligent_Life_238 my husky just got a brown eye or pink eye, what may have caused this? she goes outside frequently and normals has 2 blue eyes.

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2021.10.24 12:08 AnnieLeo Gran Turismo 5 head tracking functionality is now working on RPCS3 (PS3 emulator)

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2021.10.24 12:08 Minikinsanlar COWABUNGA!!!

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2021.10.24 12:08 Mobile_Republic2933 درسته

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2021.10.24 12:08 Timely-Squash5058 Test me?

Test me??
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2021.10.24 12:08 blenderguppy Line Art Render.

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2021.10.24 12:08 realgeneral_memeous In the evolution business, we call this cheating

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