I hate Colombus day for a lot of other reasons that you wouldn't expect.

2021.10.24 12:35 espressoBump I hate Colombus day for a lot of other reasons that you wouldn't expect.

I am Italian-American and I've always been disappointed in my culture by how excessively proud of a people we are without having hardly any community (anymore). People brag about being Italian, but we have no community and have lost our language, so it mostly feels fake to me.
I get sour around Columbus day because it reminds me of what could be. I'm disappointed that there isn't a thriving, national Italian day that we could all celebrate together and acknowledge the contributions that Italian-Americans have done for America. Pizza, coffee, entertainment, and even the line "All men are created equal" in the declaration of independence. But all of these things are overshadowed by an atrocious figure who we elected as a people to represent us: Columbus. Out of ALL of the Italians in the world, we elected a mass-murdering psychopath? He wasn't even FROM what we would call Italy today, AND he sailed for Spain.
I am in full support of Indigenous People Day and believe we should bring truth to history and stop respecting Columbus for his "accomplishments", and start recognizing him for the pain and suffering he caused on people. Put him up there with Hitler. He was abhorring, and a religious fanatic. Please understand I do not respect him, but I also have to understand why he became a symbol of my culture and people.
The way I see it, the only white people were originally the British and they discriminated against every fucking group to hold onto their money & power. Every group. Irish, German, probably even Swedes. I don't want to die on this hill, but I believe that the only true white people are the Britons/Anglo-Saxons. If I asked you to name a white person, 9/10 you won't say a Jew, Russian, or Italian. They all still have "white privilege", and it may be semantics for you but for me when you call me white you're saying we're all the same and absorbing my culture into the British-Anglo-Wasp b.s. that I did not come from and am not a part of. But I'm still European, and come from a privileged background, and am privileged, even if there are microaggressions (stupid, violent, mafioso-related, Mario, Jersey Shore) I do not need upward mobility or help because we're doing just fine. Instead, I ask my Italian-American brothers and sisters to look in the mirror and ask why these stereotypes are there - I'll get into this.
BUT there was a time when Americans were anti-catholic, xenophobic (still are), and murdered (Salvatore Liberto - Sacco & Vincenti), and lynched Italian-Americans. The largest mass lynching in American history was committed by hanging 11 Italian-Americans/Italians. This is why we have Columbus day, it started to honor the people murdered that day. He was meant to be a symbol of "progress and enlightenment", but that didn't go far enough. In fact, Colombus day only highlights half of the history - yes, Europeans were murdered and Italians brought great contributions to this country, but by choosing Columbus we paved the way for Eurocentrism. Instead of working with our American brothers and sisters, across racial lines, we chose white privilege over class solidarity.
Here are my sources up to this point:

(I put my resources because from here on, there's a lot more speculation and I'd be happy to talk to a historian who knows about the following.)
The unfortunate thing is Italian-American groups formed labor parties, had socialist/anarchist presses, and were quite radical. None of those have lasted to this day. But what did last, was the ultra-conservative and violent group, the Mafia.
I believe Uncle Sam supported, intentionally or not, conservative ideologies (or rather, powerful people) like the Mafia over progressive groups. I don't know if Italian-Americans excluded other races from their groups, but I just have a hunch they did, given how I hear anti-labor and racist sentiments today. I am not defending the exclusion, it's a huge disappointment to me, but it's important to point out how pitting ethnic groups against each other for job competition is a powerful tool. Instead of blaming the government, Italian-Americans became violently racist toward blacks. (You can probably find Irish vs Italian things here too, but I just don't know about it). Now, did the exclusion come about because every step of the way any form of a union, or labor rights group, ( or socialism, etc, etc.), was destroyed? Maybe, but I also can't deny that Italians are European and they used white privilege for upward mobility and were violently racist. There's really no denying that. I have heard the same shitty sentiments today. If you have any resources on Italian-Americans not only helping each other (Calabrians, Sicilians, Neapolitans) but lending an open hand to all people, then I would be less disappointed. Yet, that won't hide how the dominant view of many Italian-Americans is ultra-conservative, anti-union, racist, and pro-unregulated Capitalism.
Today we have men of my generation who act stupid and want to emulate the gangsters of our forefathers, glorifying street smarts, and endorsing the same brutish behavior that the media has capitalized on. It's naive, and I hate it. The remnants of racism and anti-union, pro-unregulated capitalism in the sentence "I'm Italian-American" makes me less proud of my people. Italian-Americans are on the front lines of believing false news, anti-vax support, anti-labor laws, and I believe there is a direct link to choosing Columbus and upward mobility over class solidarity.
Thus, when Columbus day happens, I am disappointed. There is a justified reason for many people to be upset. We can't dissociate ourselves from Columbus or our violent past. Since we are no longer connected with our mother culture, and Italian-American is dying out, then I see the holiday going too. I just hope that young Italian-Americans acknowledge the whole story and come to similar conclusions as me. We won't have a new identity until we change it, and instead of associating with the Jersey Shore, or the Mafia, or Columbus, let's pick someone new. We need to acknowledge the atrocities of Columbus and look into why our people did what they did. I want a new image instead of the ultra-conservative relics that we have today. There's really not enough of us who feel as I do to rally around a common cause so Columbus day is in many ways a disappointment to me.
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2021.10.24 12:35 morganmonroe81 (1979) McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II & Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker near Honolulu, Hawaii

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2021.10.24 12:35 doud1201 The mother @#%$#$% lych

I need help with the lych Like a lot I have NO clue what to do, but I do know that moab eliminator is a keystone tower. Any body have some tips?
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Anyone have any experience using Lutron switches for exterior fog lights?
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2021.10.24 12:35 paulgrav [Race Report] First marathon — Paris Marathon 2021

Race Information Name: Paris Marathon Date: 17 October, 2021 Age: 46 M Distance: 42.195km Location: Paris, France Website: https://www.schneiderelectricparismarathon.com/fr Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/6125574967 Result: https://resultscui.active.com/participants/40973182 Time: 3:00:09

Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 3:00 No
B Sub 3:15 Yes
C Finish Yes
D Don’t bonk Yes
5km 21m13s
10km 42m50s
15km 1h04m10s
20km 1h25m30s
21.1km 1h30m03s
25km 1h46m22s
30km 2h07m53s
35km 2h29m09s
40km 2h50m34s
42.195km 3h00m09s
Watch pace: 4:15 /km Official pace: 4:16 /km
Training I never planned to train for a marathon. It happened by accident. Bike racing is my thing. During the 2020 off season I started running regularly and concluded that completing a marathon was within my grasp. I’d previously dismissed the idea because long training runs in the British winter were not appealing. Seriously though, it’s important for me to enjoy the process of training.
To help me understand the basics of running training I bought Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 book. Throughout Nov-Feb I averaged around 30km each week. In March I increased avg distance to about 60km. The vast majority of runs were zone 2 easy runs.
I entered the Paris marathon in April and decided to buy Matt Fitzgerald’s marathon training plan on Training Peaks. The plan started on 14 June and I followed it to the letter with few exceptions. It meant 5 days of 10-15km slow runs throughout the week with odd fartlek here or there, and a longer run on Sunday.
The longer runs were useful for determining 3 things: a) race nutrition b) race pacing c) race gear. My approach was to use the knowledge I’d gained on the bike, apply it to running, and iterate on it by effecting a series of experiments to answer any race day doubts/questions I had.
My bike fuelling strategy used to be inadequate. I would finish long rides feeling bad, with declining performance, and sometimes stomach cramps. Over the past year or two I learned I could finish rides without performance dropping off by ingesting sufficient carbs. Enough to account for 50% of my caloric burn worked great during my recent rides. I’m a fast twitcher, so I need carbs to keep me going.
Fuelling a run should be like fuelling a bike ride, right? No. On the morning of my long runs I would fill my water bottles with homemade carb mix (sugar water, sodium citrate, and freshly squeezed lemon for taste). My aim was to shoot for 100-120g of carbs per hour but I couldn’t tolerate it. It was too much water which left me feeling bloated. The lemon resulted in heart burn. And I couldn’t figure out the logistics of carrying all those carbs and water during the race.
I decided to use 60g/hr of SiS gels and rely of water available at water stations. The gels are isotonic which meant that I didn’t need to rely on water to ensure the carbs emptied through my stomach. I practiced my intended strategy several times and it felt fine. No heart burn. No bloating. No GI issues. No perceivable performance decline during > 2hr runs.
How to pace the marathon didn’t become clear to me until after I had run a couple of half marathons. The first of which was in July where I managed a PB finish of under 1h30. The second was in September and I was able to further increase my pace to finish in 1h24. My conclusion was that I could run the first half of the marathon in 1h30 and then push for a slightly faster second half.
For the first half marathon I used HR to pace the run. Using Training Peaks I created a workout, uploaded it to my Forerunner so that it would tell me whether I was in the correct HR range. This worked fine but the Forerunner can be distracting when it beeps that your HR isn’t in the right range. It needed a STFU button.
For no specific reason, I ran the second half marathon to RPE whilst glancing at my pace every now and again. I would use this approach for the marathon. It’s simple, and not distracting.
My shoe rotation during training included Rincons; Cliftons; Speed Endorphins; Ultraboosts (these are like clogs); Ghosts. Again, I iterated until the solution became clear. The Sauconys were the most comfortable shoe, and the fastest. A week before the marathon I ran a few laps around the estate where I live to confirm that the Saunconys were indeed faster than the Rincons. They were by far.
Towards the end of the plan my volume was between 80-100k per week. Long runs were 35k, or 2h-2h40. I never ran the full 42k. That felt like too much of an ordeal, the 2h40 runs were enough.
Ideally I wouldn’t have picked up an annoying glute injury 4 weeks from the race. I avoided any speed work for fear for making the injury any worse than it was. To compensate I did a handful of VO2max workouts on the bike trainer.
The only significant deviation from the training plan was removing a 35k run 2 weeks from race day. I felt it would require too much recovery so I replaced it with a zone 2 19k. I did skip hill repeats that were in the plan. The halfs showed me that pace on the climbs wasn’t a limiter.
Looking back I’m not sure I would do anything differently. I set a ton of PBs and ran further and faster than I ever have. My experiments answered all my questions to the extent I was confident on race day.
Pre-race The travel schedule was as follows: Thursday — 2hr train from Leeds to London; Friday — 2hr train from London to Paris; Saturday — wander around Paris. Sunday — race day. Monday travel home.
I know the importance of being well rested and well fuelled so for a bit more comfort we paid more for the hotels than we normally would. This was definitely the right call.
Looking back I would have booked a good restaurant for Saturday evening well in advance. We spent far too long on Saturday afternoon trying to find something. We’re vegan and Paris doesn’t make this easy for us. Everything is either beef, cheese, or beef and cheese. Our meal was nice but contained a bit too much fibre. This upset my stomach later in the evening and I had a few too many trips to the bathroom on Sunday morning. It wasn’t a problem during the race, but I could have done without the worry.
We arrived back at the hotel around 20h. That allowed sufficient time to wind down, check I hadn’t forgotten anything, prep my gear, and attach my race number. I was so fearful of forgetting to stick on my nipple protectors that I put them on the night before.
Breakfast at the hotel was a €16 coffee and a slice of bread and jam. I paid for the convenience, no regrets. I never have anything heavier than that if I know I’m going to be running.
My start time was 9h25. We left the hotel at 8h15 and made the 10min walk to the Champs-Elysées. It was a beautiful but cold Paris morning. 5º. I wore my down-filled puffer jacket that I would later hand over to my wife 5 mins before start.
Looking back, I’m not sure I would have changed anything except for the restaurant on Saturday night. I would have preferred a big bowl of pasta.
Race The race was uneventful. I did almost everything I wanted to do.
Gear was: Lulu Fast and Free Run Hat; Lulu Fast and Free tank; Lulu Surge 4” Shorts with liner; Saucony Endorphin Speed 2. I like the Lululemon gear. It’s high quality, and performs great. I don’t need to worry about labels that scratch or bad fit.
60g/hr of carbs. 9 gels. Eat one 15mins before race start. 4 in my back pocket, 2 in my phone pocket, and 2 in my hands. One thing that I omitted to practice was carrying the gels in the pockets and quickly discovered the 4 in the back pocket was too heavy. They were bouncing around too much. It was annoying. The solution was to take two our and carry two gels in each hand instead of one in each hand.
I’ve been in enough races that pre-race nerves no longer affect me. Experience helps. That doesn’t mean I’m not excited to get going. I just enjoy the music coming from the PA, put on a happy face, and look forward to racing.
The early pace was comfortable, and my watch told me it was around 4:10-4:15/km. I was thinking great! I’ve not set off too quickly and a 90min half is achievable.
I didn’t once look at HR. I would calibrate RPE vs pace and then maintain RPE. I would say the first hour felt like 4-5.
I did have a lot of overtaking to do. I started in the 3h15 group and I was now aiming for 3hrs. There were several large groups following the 3h15 pace makers. I enjoyed leaving them behind.
The atmosphere along the course was amazing. Lots of music. People cheering. Kids holding their hands out for high fives.
I might have run a bit longer that I would have wanted before having my first gel but the first water station was nearer 25mins of running. From that point I’d gulp down a gel and wash it down with a mouthful of water.
Physically and mentally I started hurting at around the 38k mark. RPE was probably up to 7 by that time. I noticed that my pace had a tendency to drop, so I had to pay more attention to my watch to keep the pace up.
For much of the race my Garmin was in the predicted finish time screen. Most of the time it would read 2h59. I thought I had one whole minute in the bag. That wasn’t quite the case. What I didn’t realise until too late was that the Garmin was announcing the kilometres about one or two hundred metres before reaching the kilometre marker signs. This would mean I would complete the marathon distance on the Garmin 100-200m ahead of the finish line. I would have 30-60s left to run. Crap.
My hamstrings were hurting. Left calf felt like it could cramp at any moment. I was scared of increasing pace too much that the cramp would cripple my race.
2k from the finish, I was just hanging on for dear life. My body was begging me to stop. My brain was checking out. RPE was 8-9. I still had a minute in the bank at this point but I wasn’t sure if it was enough. I gave everything I had over the final 2k.
Crossed the finish line. Stopped the Garmin. It read 3h00m15s. Official finish time was 3h00m9s. I’m not going to forget about those 9s any time soon but instead I’ll use them to motivate me during my marathon training next year.
Post-race I don’t think I got much wrong. I got a heck of lot right: pacing; training; gear; choice of first marathon. My km splits were consistent across the race. Even the final two kilometres weren’t that disastrous, being only 10s/km slower than average. I ran an even split, the second half was only 6s slower than the first.
I think I was becoming glycogen depleted towards the end. I might aim for 70g/hr carbs next time. A caffeine gel would have been good near the end too.
I could barely walk back to the hotel after the marathon but my legs started feeling normal on Tuesday.
In hindsight I should have started in the 3h group, but I couldn’t know I was capable of that pace when I entered the marathon.
The summer training was enjoyable so I’m now looking to enter another autumn marathon next year. Maybe Berlin or Boston.
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2021.10.24 12:35 Bill-Dipperly Liberals who have conservative children. Does this exist?

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2021.10.24 12:35 DesertFox543 KWK Serving size

So 2 oz of kava powder is around 50mg right? Kalm with Kava suggests using 1 tablespoon of their micronized kava. 1 tablespoon is around 15 mg, so their 2 oz of micronized kava has only 3 servings?
Is the price of 15$ + 16$ shipping worth it for just 3 servings?
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2021.10.24 12:35 jazzhandler Is it just me, or is she practicing her Harrison Ford impression?

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2021.10.24 12:35 H-rose098 On my 24th birthday I saw some capy’s… 10/10 would do again. they were chillin. as they should.

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2021.10.24 12:35 Massive_Emu3459 Hi can someone explain the range for mid 160 lsat score

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2021.10.24 12:35 bluebubbles7 how do I tell him im not ready for a relationship

I (21f) have been talking to this guy (23m) for a little while now and we seem to have really hit it off. He was pursuing me for a while and I finally gave him a chance. And he's a bit... intense. Its like he's fallen head over heels for me.
I like that he's a total gentleman, funny, cute, sweet. But I feel like he wants to cuff me down asap even though we haven't even gone on our second date yet.
But he's already planning 3rd, 4th, 5th dates. And he wants me to meet his friends next week??? And go on a trip with me next month. I feel like its all way too fast for me. He also makes jokes about being my bf and wanting to marry me. Which are giving me anxiety.
Tbh I wasn't looking for a relationship at all atm. But I do like him back. But there's other guys I'm talking to who are also pursuing me so I don't want him to think we are exclusive. Cause, I don't wanna hurt him. But I think he thinks we're already a thing. How do I tell him without hurting him.
He's a very sweet wholesome guy. And I could see us being a couple. But not this soon.
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Darkrai inviting 10 people 251655186361
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2021.10.24 12:35 Xbobcatx420 Any good toy ideas for a 4 month dog?

My doggo Luka is starting to run out of toys. He is just about 4 months old (Don't know exactly because my mom has the paper) and I wanna buy him a bunch of toys. Any recommendations? He is 25lbs and is a Retriever mix with a shepherd (and he's a boy if that even matters)
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2021.10.24 12:35 koolman631 WR Sterling Shepard (hamstring) is INACTIVE for the Giants. His pre-game workout apparently didn’t go as well as hoped. The Giants’ WR corps is: Darius Slayton, John Ross, Collin Johnson, Dante Pettis, Davis Sills.

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2021.10.24 12:35 daddylomein116 Deluxe Issues

A while back, I did the introductory .99 cent offer for 1 month on two accounts. Those have now ran out and I am trying to add a new membership to the accounts but they both keep saying I have a membership already when I do not. Nothing deluxe works on either account. Has anyone ever had this happen before or know how to fix it??
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