[LF] Flowers [FT] bells, NMT, etc.

2021.10.24 13:17 stefaniasworld [LF] Flowers [FT] bells, NMT, etc.

Hi! I had such great help with my rainbow garden this week thank you all! I just need a few more red flowers and I’ll be done!
Red: windflower, hyacinth, lily, mum, (just one of each), rose (looking for 7 roses)
I could definitely mystery hunt and breed but if anyone has flowers to get rid of, I’d love to help you out! 😊 Let me know what you’d like in return. Ty!
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2021.10.24 13:17 NickyThePerson free stuff

restarting my island so come take all my stuff (bells, furniture, clothes etc) dodo is CV7F7 :)
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2021.10.24 13:17 kasqwr [BUG?] First round I boosted Eithne to 12 points. Next round when she transformed all the boost were gone.

Basically what the title says.
I boosed Eithne with Dunca and Bountiful Harvests to 12 points. Next round all the boosts were gone. Is this a bug or a feature? I believe that this did not use to work like that.
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2021.10.24 13:17 iamibox other way to sync contacts ?

Mobile : Samsung Galaxy S10+
I completely disabled google play store and removed gmail also . Accounts & Backup > Manage accounts > +add account > ?
I am using Tutanota and protonmail only . I am checking with simple contacts pro from f-droid and uploading a Vcard is also 1 method .
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2021.10.24 13:17 SamWinn1231 Inside center 99 70% Win PS5- moneymaker3770

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2021.10.24 13:17 Suzzy-Focks Fire Mage in RBGs

As a fire mage in RBGs, during combust should I be on the same target that everyone else is, or combusting on a healeother target to put on more pressure?
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2021.10.24 13:17 buzzvariety U.S. Army is Going Digital

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2021.10.24 13:17 Popular_Gas_1705 Is DOZ to pay to win?

I just started and see slot of purchase options and am wondering if it is worth playing or is it to pay to win
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2021.10.24 13:17 Godfreee Closer to rare rib-eye steak

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2021.10.24 13:17 holtonaminute Southern Hemisphere racing

I follow a bunch of YouTube channels that stream racing, but it’s almost winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and there’s not much racing.
What are some channels that you follow for racing south of the equator?
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2021.10.24 13:17 IsaiahNelson0401 Fan Made

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2021.10.24 13:17 Mihaicean155 Ok everyone, am I the only one seeing this ? Elon tweet .

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2021.10.24 13:17 RenTech_43 Most Libertarian President?

Long time lurker here and I’d like to know: given the diversity of ideology on this sub, who, in your opinion, was the most libertarian President in US history? Why?
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2021.10.24 13:17 ZAIB00 Is he good without dupes?

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2021.10.24 13:17 H4ndsomeHob0 Game passes and broken events

Hi guys and gals...
Firstly I have been wondering about the magic eggs and mythical passes. Does anyone have them and if so have you noticed a difference in drop rates... basically is it worth it? That's a lot of Bux to throw away.
Secondly. If you were lucky enough to get into the Halloween event yesterday and hatch the new mythic (I got 6) apparently the drop rates were glitched and as of today any servers you enter they have set the drop rates back to normal. If you are REALLY lucky you can find private servers still running since before the fix but they won't be available long.
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2021.10.24 13:17 JoystickRick What kinds of weapons does Ciri use in the books?

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2021.10.24 13:17 Kingofkovai Crowley is always right

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2021.10.24 13:17 kazo89iner chillin on the tube

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2021.10.24 13:17 techsucker CMU AI Researchers Present A New Study To Achieve Fairness and Accuracy in Machine Learning Systems For Public Policy

The rapid rise in machine learning applications in criminal justice, hiring, healthcare, and social service intentions substantially impacts society. These wide applications have heightened concerns about their potential functioning amongst Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence researchers. New methods and established theoretical bounds have been developed to improve the performance of ML systems. With such progress, it becomes necessary to understand how these methods and bounds translate into policy decisions and impact society. The researchers continue to thrive for impartial and precise models that can be used in diverse domains.
One deep-rooted conjecture is that there is a trade-off between accuracy and fairness while using Machine Learning systems. The accuracy here refers to the correctness of the model’s prediction relative to the task at hand rather than the specific statistical property. The ML predictor is termed unfair if it treats people incongruously based on sensitive or protected attributes (racial minorities, economically disadvantaged). In order to handle this, adjustments are made to data, labels, model training, scoring systems, and other aspects related to the ML system. However, such changes tend to make the system less accurate.
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2021.10.24 13:17 Warpus237 Quick Question about 2H Fighter

Can anyone clarify if Backswing https://imgur.com/a/QDHp0hc works with DEX if you get the Mythic Weapon Finesse? If not my Merc will be disappointed
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2021.10.24 13:17 Vince_Mwoan 300 robux for 10 winners

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2021.10.24 13:17 kieskeurig I HATED Battlefield 2042's theme song, so I remixed it

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2021.10.24 13:17 ONLY_NEONS even google did this.....

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2021.10.24 13:17 FanTheFlames1234 Resources, Discussions, & Learning!

Open to all practitioners, over the age of 18, from any country. This community, and the resources we have available, are also 100% free. We focus on learning, discussions, & growth in your practice. You will find 20+ discussion channels on many topics of witchcraft, 20+ resource channels, a separate spreadsheet with thousands of other resources, a channel to request resources by topic or specific book, general chatting areas, & voice chats that we use nightly.
We welcome users from all paths & with any experience level. Whether you are a practitioner willing to share your knowledge with others, or a beginner just starting out, we are willing to help you find what you are looking for. The only users we do not welcome are: scammers, trolls, users disrupting other people learning, & users purposefully making the community atmosphere unpleasant! https://discord.gg/wpNRXAE ❤🔥
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2021.10.24 13:17 Sluttynursee69 No makeup no edits

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